Tuesday, October 26, 2010

and finger prints...

Today was our appointment to get our fingerprinting done for USCIS. So, hubby and I got up early (5:30am) and went to down to Cincinnati. We got there early and waited for them to open. We were in and out fairly quickly. So then we decided to have some breakfast together at first watch. (Yum!)

After that we ran to the bank to get our cover sheet notarized for our dossier. We are so close to being done. We will be going on Thursday with our friends to get a few papers state certified. Then we will be going to check out an Ethiopian restaurant that is in Columbus. I think we may even make a quick stop at Cosi while we are in Columbus.

We are hoping that we will get our results back in the next few weeks so we can send our dossier to Ethiopia and get ready to wait for our little girl. (Screams of excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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