Friday, May 20, 2011

6 months

Technically, we were DTE 6 months yesterday, but I am a little late to get to posting. We are seeing very little movement these days. I am trying to prepare myself for a longer wait then we had earlier anticipated. Ethiopia has officially said they are going to 5 letters a day now. However, from what it sounds like there is little consistency. Some days they only do 5 some days they still do a few more. Either way, wait times will probably be longer.

So, while we wait we try and stay busy here. This weekend we are going to take a quick trip. We will be leaving this afternoon to go to see some friends. Tomorrow we will go back to our home town for a retirement party of a family friend. Then we will be jumping up to MI to see my grandma for dinner. Sunday we will be stopping by Fort Wayne on our way home to go to the zoo with some other friends. It should be a crazy and fun weekend.

We are approaching summer and that will come with lots of fun cookouts, swimming, and a little traveling. I will be going out to see my family in AZ in June. My mom is having surgery so I will be going out to spend some time (hopefully) being helpful. Dan's 10 year high school reunion is this summer as well. Also, Dan will be starting a new job next week. We are continuing to homeschool a bit through the summer as well. A lot of things to keep us distracted during this season of waiting.

I would be lying though if I told you that made it easier. It causes the time to go by for sure, but each and everyday we pray for our daughter, Ethiopia, and other families who are waiting to bring their babies home. Each day I miss my little girl I've never met. And each day I think about how much we love her. The boys are constantly asking about her and Africa. I love the way this has opened up their little minds to look outside of their own bubble. God is faithful and he has our little girl in his arms. So for now we keep waiting. 6 months down.

Monday, May 9, 2011


This has been one of those weeks when the waiting is hard. I was so hoping to see a rush of referrals, and yet there have been none. I knew we wouldn't be getting "the call", but to move up on the waiting list would have just been a good boost.

I am missing my baby that I haven't even met. I don't want to sound silly. I mean, I have 3 amazing little boys. They bring me joy daily. However, I feel like we are missing one little piece this mother's day. I'm so ready for the chaos that another little one will bring. I am so ready for a picture of her precious face. I'm so anxious to hold her and snuggle her. It makes my heart hurt that she isn't here. It is strange to miss some one so much that may not even be born yet.

The waiting feels a little like a rollercoaster. Some days I am at total peace. I am just waiting, praying, knowing God is in control. I am good at letting him take this. His timing is perfect. Once she comes home this part will seem so far away. I live in those thoughts most of the time, but not this week. This week I am struggling . This week I want to see movement. This week my prayers feel like pleading. This week I am trying to remember that God is bigger than all of this. I know he is. I know God's plan for our family so much bigger than what I see and feel right now.

I will be praying this week that God uses this stage to teach me. I am not good at waiting and maybe God knew that I would need some extra practice. The end will be so worth the wait.