Thursday, June 28, 2012

This could be fun!

So, since there has been movement and we are number 1 we are planning a little friendly competition between my hubby and myself. We have partnered with to help raise funds to bring home our baby girl.

So, Dan and I thought it would be fun to see which of us could raise the most by Saturday at midnight. We decided that we would put the names of each donor from the winning team into a hat. You will get an entry for every $10. If we draw your name you will win a $25 gift card to the place of your choosing!

So here is how it works. Just go to and you can donate. Leave us a comment saying Team Abby (or Team Dan if you want). It is that easy. Thank you so much! We are already blown away and overwhelmed by the support of our friends and family. You guys are awesome!

Hello again

As you can see our updates have been few and far between. There has been little to report in the adoption world. And that which there has been to report was mostly just news of slow downs. We have been moving up the list slowly. Inching our way one spot at a time. Sometimes with weeks between referrals. The past few months have been hard.

Then last week something happened and the adoption floodgates opened. There have been over 11 referrals in the past two weeks. That is crazy. That is amazing. God is so good. As of last night we quickly raced to the spot of number 1!

This is so exciting and scary all at the same time. When you are number one you live in constant anticipation. Every phone call could be "The Call". Every email could be something huge. Today could always be the day we see our daughters face. However, there is a flip side. We could sit here. We could wait many more months. We could get caught in court closures and not here news in forever. We share number one with 2 other people. Will they get that call first and leave us in the dust. So many unknowns.

For the moment though we are basking in the excitement of being #1. We are giddy with excitement. We are thrilled with the possibility that our baby girl really could be home by Christmas.