Thursday, February 10, 2011


This week the boys and I have embarked on our first no daddy vacation. This is not by choice, but we are saving up Dan's vacation time for a very exciting trip (to Ethiopia...twice). Much of my family is out in AZ and we hadn't been to visit in a long time. It was at least before Levi was born. So, Tuesday I packed up the boys we did our normal Tuesday school thing. They had a fun Valentines day party. Then we went to our favorite place for Chicken and grabbed some nuggets (Holla for some Chick fil A). Then we got in the car and drove to South Bend, IN. Car trip was amazing. Every one napped. I got to chat with one of my BFFs for about an hour. Listened to one of my Dave Ramsey CDs and then we jammed out to some Veggie tales.

Wed we headed to the airport. Got checked in went through security and all went well. We rode a budget airline who is not super kid friendly. It was like the running of the bulls getting on this plane. From there it went down hill...They started boarding 45 mins before they were supposed to leave I was there 2 hours early so we were ready. However, being the super cheap frugal gal that I am I opted not to spend extra to board early (mistake number one). Then we boarded each big boy had a back pack, I had a backpack, a baby and a diaper bag, and a rolling suitcase. They had us walk up a set of stairs to the plane and just watched as Levi tried to wiggle out of my arms. As I was trying to find my seat one of the stewardess asked if she could check my rolling suitcase which had all our extra clothes in it. I had just checked Levi and he was totally dry so I said sure. We found our seats and got settled. As soon as we sat down Levi peed out all over me. I quickly changed his diaper on my lap, but we had to stay in our yucky clothes. Isaac and Asher were perfect through all this may I say. They were so excited. They played quietly ate snacks, and enjoy the flight. Then there was my precious baby who had apparently been possessed by the plane demon upon entry. Screaming kicking, hitting seats, stepping on his brothers. I did get him to sleep for a little over an hour (best part of the trip). Then he woke up during our descent and was ANGRY. Not quite as angry as the elderly lady sitting next to us, but he was mad.

Honestly we had a good flight with minimal issues, but  flying with a lapchild is less than ideal. It made me think about our trip home with our baby girl. This poor baby will be completely out of her element. With these two strangers for a really long time in a really short space. I don't know what that will look like, but I have a feeling God may have been giving me some practice before the big trip. All that being said I am still ready to get on the plane and go get her. (even though we still have a long while before that happens.)

The funny part about the whole trip is that we got off the plane and Levi was happy and sweet. You would never have thought he had just given his mama such a hard time. :) He slept well last night and today has been having fun at Gigi's and Pop pop's. Isaac is having a blast. He and Asher had a tennis lesson today. And now he and my mom are swimming. Asher is taking a nap and I am hanging out with my baby  for a bit. Tonight we get to go to the restaurant\my dad works at. Yum. We are spending time with my grandparents and Aunt and Uncle. It will be a fun week. We are missing Daddy though. It will be worth getting back on a plane to go home and see him.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Adoption freebie

I'm super excited about this freebie. You can download Adopted for Life FREE! I haven't read (or listened) to this yet, but I have heard it is a great book.