Thursday, January 19, 2012


Yesterday morning we headed down to Cinci to get fingerprinted again. Ah, the joy of renewing adoption paperwork. It was nice that we were in and out very quickly. We had all three boys with us. God is good and every one was happy and cooperative! Now we just wait for our updated I 171H.

Next up, I need to schedule doctor appointments. In order to update our homestudy we must update our physicals. I'm hoping we can all go in together and get every one done at once. We'll see how that goes.

Another exciting thing is that there was another referral today! Actually our agency had two referrals, but one of them was for a three month old girl! Meaning we move up a spot. We are now number fourteen on our unofficial list. Can I get a WHAT WHAT! I'm a little excited. It has been an eventful week for adoption news.

In other exciting news we are now officially a family on Adopttogether. We heard about this site through a friend, and we are so excited to see how God uses it to help bring home our baby girl. It is a non profit organization that allows you to donate to our adoption. You can check out our profile if you like and we'd love your help if you are able to give.

I think that is it for now. I am so excited to be seeing some movement in the adoption world. It has been much to quiet for too long. Hopefully, I will have more to update soon.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Something to talk about

I'll be honest. I haven't written on our blog in so long because there just hasn't been much happening. Each month passes and we reach another milestone. We will be at 14 months on 1/19. However, there is so little going on I'm just not excited to post. Sorry, but it's true.

However, we have hit a milestone worth writing about (I guess). It is time to start renewing paperwork! WOOOO HOOO. Ok, so that may be a little sarcastic. We have gone far past what we had anticipated our wait being. So far in fact we get to renew our homestudy. We go down to Cinci next week to redo our finger prints for our I-171H (a form we have to fill out for the USCIS).  Praise the Lord we get one free renewal because that one form is expensive.

What I didn't realize is that renewing our home study would be so involved. We have to renew our physical, background checks, fingerprints  (yep, 2 sets) and a handful of other stuff. Plus, this is an additional expense.  Boo.

All that being said I am strangely happy to have SOMETHING to do. It was almost nice when we were paper chasing because there was some kind of movement. So again it isn't just sitting and waiting and praying for a flood of referrals (even though that hasn't changed). Now I have stuff to get done. I love a checklist. So, here it goes. Paper chase round 2 here we come.